What is 'creative' software development?

In a nutshell, creative software development produces applications with creative value: games, web sites, interactive experiences, digital media. The processes involved with developing a creative product are specialist and differ considerably from 'standard' application development.

How do they differ?

The success of a creative application lies in its ability to connect with the user. They rely on this connection to invoke and leverage certain emotional responses and so the development process is not simply about the end-product; it's about working with the customer to ensure that the experience is there and that it feels right.

What makes you the man for the job?

I have been involved in creative software development in various forms for my entire career and I have been lucky enough to experience a fair degree of diversity and freedom throughout the roles I have had. This, coupled with a passion for computer science as a discipline, has allowed me to nurture and hone my skills as a creative software developer.

Lets get technical. What are your core competencies?

The two specific skills I rely on the most are C++ and Unity3D. C++ is my 'bread-and-butter' - it's what I program in commercially and I would consider myself a proficient, capable C++ developer. However, when it comes to my personal projects I use Unity3D. First it was just for the cross-platform support, but I have grown to respect it as a very flexible, very powerful platform. Other than that, I have experience with C, C#, Java, Python, WinForms, Silverlight, WPF, SDL, XML, Django, UI programming, Tools programming and Gameplay programming.

That said, I believe in using the best tool for the job, so I judge projects on a case-by-case basis and work with the customer to find a technical solution that suits everyone.

(You can see what I'm currently up to on my GitHub page.)


Video games, Educational games, Promotional/Adver-Games & Gamification

Game development is in my blood and I have worked in the games industry since 2007. Along the way I have developed with a handful of different frameworks and engines, across several platforms including Xbox 360 (and Kinect), PS3 and Wii. I also have experience managing a team and can help to organise outsourcers depending on whether your project is end-to-end or source-only.

For most standalone game projects I use Unity3D which enables builds across iOS, Android, PC and Web (browser). Other projects and alternative platforms are always feasible as well so please get in touch.


Does your business have an 'App'?

First we had websites, now we have apps; if your business doesn't have one, it needs one. Both Android and iOS Apps - preferrably both - can be valuable weapons in your business arsenal. Get in touch to discuss the options - everything from native UI to fully interactive.


Bespoke Desktop Applications and Tools for your business.

Whether it's administration or part of your business process, vast amounts of time (and money) can be saved by "tooling up": developing custom process tools that can automate otherwise monotonous tasks. If you've ever thought "If only there was a way to..." then there is probably a solution waiting to be designed.

I also offer a combined consultancy and development process which aims to improve the efficiency of your business through the deployment of bespoke applications. These applications save time and eliminate 'human error' by using intelligent automation.


Personal and commercial interactive websites.

With experience predominantly in Python-based web technology (Django), I can produce all sizes and shapes of website. Whether you provide the design or require a professional, bespoke design, we can work together to ensure that all the features you require are in there.

For small to medium sites, I can also provide hosting options at cost. This makes things extremely trivial when requesting changes and the cost involved is generally a lot less than an off-the-shelf host might charge.


Get in touch!

To discuss any projects, enquire about my services or to get a quote, please fill in the form below. I aim to respond within 24 hours.